Getting Started

Start here with our Overview tutorial, and how to access your Virtual Event

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Day of Event

Tips and tricks for when your event is about to go live

Managing Your Exhibitors' Booths

Learn how to activate your Exhibitor's Virtual Booths, and order them on your Expo Hall

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Main Stage Video Programming

Info on how to host a livestream during your event, or showcase multiple pre-recorded videos

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Ticketing and Attendee Analytics

Your event can be totally free and open to the the public, or you can limit access based on a Global Event Passcode or individually sold tickets. Track it all with Google Analytics!

Breakout Room Sessions

Create sessions where attendees can network and communicate over video

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Learn how to add speakers to your event, edit their bios, and give them access.

Integrate Media Widgets

Add your social media feeds to your event, and learn how to engage attendees with a survey, raffle, or chat group

Header Navigation Links

Add helpful links that stick to the top of your event's webpages

Virtual Upgrades

Upgrade your event with custom logos, colors, fonts, and more!